Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Lawyer

When a person is required to go to court, not all situations require a lawyer. Things like a traffic ticket or small claims court are examples of when an attorney is not needed. But if the situation arises that requires an attorney it is important that the individual chooses the right one for their needs. Often this is a matter of knowing what questions you should ask when hiring a lawyer.

1. Ask The Attorney If They Have Handled Cases Similar To Yours.

Anytime a case rises to the level that it requires the use of an attorney then getting a lawyer that has specific skills and experience in the area of law that you are in need of, is paramount to a great defense. Although everyone has to start at some point, you don’t want to be the one that they gain their experience with. You want a seasoned attorney that has experience in the area of law you need to defend yourself in court.

2. Have You Defended Or Represented Clients In The Courthouse That My Case Will Be Held In?

Whenever possible it is best to not only have an experienced attorney but one that is familiar and experience in the actual Courthouse that your case will be held in. This very often will give the attorney a big advantage because they will know the judges and other attorneys involved in the case. Having experience in the same setting will better assure a positive outcome.

3. What Is The Likely Result In My Case?

Like doctors, lawyers cannot guarantee a specific result in most cases. If the attorney you are interviewing does so, then you need to use great caution when considering that person as your attorney. But what they should be able to do is give you an honest and frank assessment of what your outcome is likely to be.

Once you have decided on hiring the lawyer then you will want to know their cost. If you are suing then they may take your case without any out of pocket expense, but they may take 30% or 40% of any monetary awards given by the court. If you are hiring a criminal lawyer then you will need to pay for all expenses and this can be quite a lot.

Hiring a lawyer and getting the right one is important to the outcome of your case. Take your time and make sure the one you choose is right for you. It will be well worth the effort.

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