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man being arrested for DUIIn a split second, your life can change…

One moment you are drinking some beers with friends at the local Anchorage bar. Then, you decide to go home. Despite your friends’ warnings, you get in your car to drive home. Everything seems to be fine. Then, the lines seem fuzzy, you misjudge the distance between you and the next car, and your car veers to the right. What you don’t see is another car immediately to your right. You hit that car, your car spins out of control, and you end up on the side of the road.  Luckily, no one is seriously injured.  But there are definite repercussions for your actions.

Police are called to the scene, you’re given a Breathalyzer test, and you fail big time. Your blood alcohol level is 0.08, which is above the legal limit. You’re immediately charged with a DUI (driving under the influence). This is a first-time offense for you, and you’re scared and frustrated. At this point, you need a clear mind, followed by a call to an experienced Anchorage Criminal Defense attorney. Retaining the services of the right DUI attorney today could have an impact on your life for many years.

It is not your responsibility to prove you are innocent; it is the State’s responsibility to prove you are guilty.  When choosing an Anchorage Criminal Defense attorney, you must choose someone who is well-versed about your legal rights and has in-depth knowledge and a proven track record of success.  You must choose a DUI attorney who can explain the difference between a felony or misdemeanor charge. For instance, most first-time offenders (in cases where no one was injured) typically receive misdemeanor offenses; however, someone charged with a DUI where a young child was present could be charged with a felony. Either way, you need someone who will explain all possible consequences of your actions like license suspension, jail time, probation, community service, fines, and more.

Here are some other additional tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. It is important for you to state very clearly that you want an attorney. The police may use a wide range of legal options to convince you they have proof that, in reality, is non-existent. Do not be fooled, and do not say things that could be twisted around and used against you.
  2. Do not drive while your license is suspended, as you could incur additional charges. Also, do not get another DUI when you’re on probation, as that second can and will be used against you. In fact, multiple DUI offenses can lead to a DUI conviction, which leads to a felony offense.
  3. A DUI conviction becomes part of your history and can affect employment and the price you pay for auto insurance. In fact, if you’re charged with a felony, your insurance company may refuse to pay for the accident due to a clause that prevents coverage for damages occurring during the commission of a felony (drunk driving falls under this heading).
  4. Be honest with your Criminal Defense/DUI attorney. Work closely with them so they can you stay knowledgeable about the law and help you prepare for trial.

When faced with the life-altering experience of being investigated about, or accused of, a crime, make the choice that offers you the best chance for freedom. Call a Criminal Defense attorney without delay. Your future and reputation depend on it.

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